Bohemia Resort is a diverse and secluded leisure property offering a variety of accommodations to suit your budget and taste.

The resort is at a unique location–the site of the first rapids on the Nile after the Bujagali dam, making it an ideal base from which to explore the longest river in the world and all it has to offer.

It’s the special combination of luxury and natural beauty at Bohemia that will keep you coming back to visit. Enjoy your mornings at the spa, follow it with a stroll to explore the river, and end it all with a relaxing dinner in the company of an array of interesting guests.

For more active types, there’s rafting at the nearby rapids, fishing, a beautiful swimming pool at the centre of the property overlooking the Nile, and an on-site health club, including a gym and a sauna. Bohemia is unmatched in its ability to anticipate and meet your needs.

The majority of accommodation offered at the resort consists of our 15 cottage-style units (including 5 twin and 10 double) each with its own private balcony placed around the edge of the 20,000m site. The cottages are, in keeping with the theme, luxurious yet simple, attentively tended to with thoughtful touches of both Western and African decor.

Each room has a private bathroom, and there are additional public bathroom facilities for those who choose to camp on site.

Coming soon is the Bohemia Gift Shop, featuring all local hand-made artisanal crafts.